4 HealthyHabits

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, are the leading cause of death and illness worldwide. Success in the fight against infectious diseases, and rising living standards and the changes in lifestyle that accompany – tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, insufficient physical activity, and unhealthy diet– have led to a rising proportion of global deaths accounted for by NCDs. It is estimated that half of the deaths caused by NCDs are preventable. Prevention can be achieved through increased health literacy, awareness and simple behavioral changes aimed at reducing common risk factors.

IFPMA Activities

IFRC-IFPMA "4 Healthy Habits" is an innovative partnership which will provide information and tools to change behaviours, promote healthy lifestyles in communities around the world and ultimately to reduce the rise of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Building on the IFRC's long history of health promotion within communities by using simple tools adapted to local context, also known as the Community-based Health First Aid Manual (CBHFA), the partnership develops and adds to the existing manual a module on healthy lifestyle guidelines and NCDs control and prevention.

4 Healthy Habits Toolkit

These tools are easy-to-use, interactive and available in three different languages. The tools are used by volunteers to empower their communities to do the required behavior changes for healthy lifestyle, focusing on the key necessary five steps: knowledge, approval, intention, practice and advocacy. Scoring tools are part of the guidelines to help the volunteers and community members to better understand their health status and get a targeted support. These scoring tools are available on paper-based, online and mHealth versions.

2.8 million

beneficiaries all over the globe.


Tools were primarily deployed for use by the 98 Red Cross Crescent National Societies worldwide reaching more than 2.8 million beneficiaries all over the globe.

Lessons learned

Fighting NCDs requires multi-stakeholders solutions. As a novel cross-sector collaboration responding to the United Nations call to tackle NCDs, the two-year partnership between the IFRC and IFPMA pools the expertise and resources of both partners in order to reach the highest impact possible at community level.